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Welcome to Ask Don-Alan!

As President and CEO of SAbER Mountain, it is my objective to provide as much information about SAbER Mountain and other affiliated websites as possible.  I am happy to take the time to answer questions and assemble them into FAQs and SAQs (Should Ask Questions) in one central location.

Therefore, in an effort to consolidate the FAQs and the SAQs  and any other sort of question to one site AND THEN have access to it from all the other sites that SABER Mountain has…we have created this site.  We hope that here you can find your answers and if you can`t, ASK the question!  I love helping people understand.  So browse around in the different categories above and if you have any question…well…you know what to do…just ASK!

Don-Alan Rekow


If you come to this page just to add “your crap” and stupid links, I have deactivated the subscriber ability and have to add one additional step (Sorry to those who are sincere about asking a question).  PLEASE DO NOT ADD SPAM.  I don’t like it and you can go down to the grocery store and buy a can if you really want it.  I don’t.  All junk will be deleted no questions asked.  Thanks for understanding.